River Falls Spa Hiking River Retreats:

 River Falls Spa is very excited to present our River Retreat Packages. We are dedicated to bringing you not only beauty and relaxation; we are also dedicated to your inner balance, longevity, and health. Our River Retreat Packages truly encompass these words. The morning of your arrival we will travel to the beautiful Paris Mountain State Park and enjoy nature at its finest. We will have a light healthy lunch in the park and enjoy one another’s company. After our hike, we will return to the spa and trade our hiking boots for a warm robe and slippers. You will enjoy the service of your choice tailored to fit your every need.

Hours of Operation
Monday – Saturday 9am – 7pm

Spa Reservations
Please contact River Falls Spa at 864.240.2136
to reserve your desired services.


 $ 200

• Includes Hiking, Small Lunch, Signature Massage.



• Includes Hiking, Small Lunch, River Rapids Massage



• Includes Hiking, Small Lunch, River Relaxation Massage


$ 150

• Includes Hiking, Small Lunch, River Relaxation Massage